Diverse range of services for innovative firms

ATY Advisory is a private consulting firm which specialises in assisting Australian companies to gain access to Research and Development Tax incentives.

ATY's competitive advantage derives from four key factors:


  • Minimise disruption:

We provide a tailored experience to minimise disruption to your business and work around your needs.

  • Multi-disciplinary team:

Our team consists of staff with various backgrounds including Engineering, Investment banking, Law, and Startups.

  • Strategic approach:

Our approach is to intimately understand your business and provide a strategic approach to claiming R&D incentives.

  • Nationally competitive:

We operate at a competitive market rate due to our state-of-the-art proprietary tracking system, which allows us to drive efficiency through our entire process and respond quickly to your needs.


Our services are listed below:

Full R&D Identification and Submission


ATY can help your company with the full R&D identification and submission process. This include the identification and calculation of core and supporting R&D, as well as the writing of project documents for submission to AusIndustry.


Our team of experienced R&D professionals and scientific analysts will ensure that your R&D claim is maximised, whilst minimising your time commitment.



R&D Tax Seminars


ATY will conduct R&D tax seminars for your technical team, these seminars will help explain the eligibility process and highlight the R&D tax savings your company may be eligible to receive. The focus of the seminars include:


  • Outline of R&D legislative and accounting requirements;
  • Helpful tips for finding eligible R&D projects specific to your industry;
  • Sharing our experiences to value-add and assist in your R&D claim process; and
  • Provide ideas to improve your reporting and substantiation processes for R&D