Financial Modelling


Financial models are the key cog in large financial decisions and their outputs are heavily relied upon by investors, financiers and other stakeholders. By understanding the risks inherent in financial models, we can assist clients through this critical and complex process.


Our models are up-to-date with increasingly complex and prescriptive accounting and tax rules. Combining our love for supporting Australian SMEs with specialised modelling experience in a range of industries and transaction types, we provide a seamless and collaborative modelling process.


We combine our love for supporting Australian SMEs with specialised modelling experience to provide a seamless and collaborative modelling experience. We provide services in the development and audit of financial models, to allow you to confidently and accurately make decisions based on your financial models.

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Model Development

Having seen many financial models, we know what works and what doesn’t. We can construct a financial representation of some, or all, aspects of our business by developing bespoke models, that are easy to understand and customisable by you. Our models are lean and responsive, focusing on the inputs and sensitivity levers that matter to you.


Our modelling methodology follows a five-stage construction process: scope, plan, design, build, and test. After careful scoping we build models to your specifications and to meet your reporting and disclosure requirements.

Our aim is to drive efficiency through the process and make sure you receive the best insights possible.

Model Audit

Testing and reviewing a model is a key step that’s best conducted by a fresh set of eyes.

We can support projects, across leading market sectors: property, retail, technology, and media. In the model audit process we can identify more potential errors on a timely basis and communicate these to you promptly and concisely.

Our familiarity with high risk areas and key indicators that errors may exist, will give you comfort with the accuracy of your models. Your model will undergo critical testing to detect any issues which may not be picked up in a basic formula logic audit. This will save you time and avoid last minute surprises.