Engineering Design and Development Consulting



Engineering design and development form the core basis of transforming ideas into reality. The highest levels of abstraction can be implemented in the form of real-world solutions through solid understanding of the complex dynamics between the relational domains of engineering design and development.


Correct understanding of functional requirements of an application is critical to adopting the right engineering design methodology, without which, the likelihood of achieving commercial success is significantly diminished.

Service Offer


1. Hands-on engineering design, implementation, technical and consulting support for all types of electronic, computer and IT systems;


2. High levels of systems and software customization spanning from building systems from scratch to customising third-party developed standalone solutions;


3. Adoption of correct software and systems design methodologies to support the functional requirements of applications;


4. Optimisation of application-specific computing systems;


5. Design, development and implementation of application-specific software code in a variety of programming languages (including but not limited to: C, C++, C#, PHP, Java, Javascript, Perl, Tcl/Tk, SWIFT, microcontroller assembly et. al.);


6. Testing, validation and verification of systems and software.

Value Proposition


1. Complete end-to-end hands-on technical and consulting support throughout the engineering design and development stages to post-commercial delivery and release;


2. Significantly short turn-around-times (TAT) compared to industry benchmarks for implementing individual engineering changes;


3. Adoption of robust design methodologies that enable swifter time-to-market (TTM) and lesser non-recurring engineering (NRE) costs;


4. Expertise in rapid prototyping that helps clients showcase their new innovation for investor capital raising and verifying proof-of-concept;


5. A highly skilled professional team with a track record of successful delivery of over 20 electronics and software engineering design and development projects worth over $15 million in commercial revenue over 12 years. The team has direct hands-on experience working with Fortune 500 companies, universities, research institutes, SMEs and startup companies in Australia, USA, Singapore, Republic of Korea, Saudi Arabia and India.

6. Extensive domain knowledge of the team (including but not limited to: intelligent systems and smart devices, robotics, telecommunications, networking, utilities, security, education, medical devices, government, transportation, gaming, big data analytics, business intelligence et al).