The Export

Markets Development Grant (EMDG)


The Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) provides a financial boost for small and medium-sized Australian businesses to expand sales for their product range overseas. These grants from the Australian Government have been assisting small and medium-sized businesses to boost their potential to export overseas for thirty years. Generous deductions are available to offset the costs of marketing, promotions, communications, and capacity-building.

Who is Eligible?

Your business would be able to benefit from this grant, if:


  • You are an Australian business;

  • Your product/s are made in Australia, including tourism services and events;

  • You own the intellectual property rights to the product/s being sold;

  • You have specialist capabilities, resulting from work mostly done within Australia;

  • Your business turnover in the financial year was under $50 million;

  • You have spent at least $15,000 on promoting and facilitating international exports during this financial year.

What Benefits Can I Receive?

With proof that you have applied these resources for creating or increasing demand for your product, up to 50% of these costs can be returned. This includes a per diem payment of $350 during overseas visits, and an automatic +3% to cover communications costs.


The maximum grant available for individual applicants is $150,000.